I have been a photographer since college.
Photography is what "I do" and I cannot imagine doing anything else.
It truly is one of the most enjoyable things for me.

I travel often for work and my photography has appeared in USA Today, ESPN Magazine, Communication Arts, Outside and many others publications, websites and billboards. I am also flattered by numerous photography awards.

I have photographed celebrities, athletes, a United States President, professional models and even hand models. Each of these assignments had their thrill, but they are unmatched to the purity of photographing people experiencing their finest, genuine moments. These moments pass as quickly as they come and my goal is to capture them in the truest and most flattering way possible. That is just the way I see the world: it is beautiful and photos are everywhere if you know where to look.

My inspiration: my parents, brothers, wife, two kids and my clients.

I am very lucky: I love what I do for my work and hopefully it shows in my images and relationships.